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Our expertise in Agile and Lean practices is demonstrated through our services for delivery, training and consultancy. We have significant experience of working with organisations like yours – large and small. We have refined our approach to provide the right level of structure, whilst ensuring it remains flexible enough to deliver value quickly and early in the process.

Our approach is flexible, and is designed to support you along the way at each step. Our health check process is a good way to get started on your journey, and provides an instant snapshot of your current level of Agile competency.

Our training courses are tailored to fit specific roles within the Agile and Lean practices. Our online catalogue of short courses will ensure you get the training when and where you need it.

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  • How to do a good agile closure

  • Paying the price of a poor relationship

    One of our clients is mid-term on a 5-year old IT outsource agreement with a major supplier. The relationship is based on the premise that over the term of the contract they will save my client a significant amount of IT cost, amounting to millions of Euros.

  • Bob the Agile Builder

    We tend to think of agile as a ‘new thing’. After all, it was only a few years ago in 2001 when the great and good got together and wrote the Agile Manifesto. However, following an enlightening conversation with my builder Bob – he seems to think that agile has been around for much longer.